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“From the depths of her own struggles, as a survivor of terrorism, Sarri Singer managed to become a source of inspiration, strength and hope for so many. I have known Sarri for over 13 years. She was always there for us. Always willing to assist others, effectively communicate our people’s strength, uplift our spirit and present our collective story with dignity and passion. Sarri is a true asset for the entire community.”

“Keynoting our annual women’s major donor luncheon, Sarri spoke movingly of her experiences of survival and hope in the aftermath of the terror attack in which she was a victim. Our guests were moved to tears, reliving the moments with her, but mostly because of the optimistic world views she shared. How this woman turned her personal tragedy into a global movement of healing is a lesson in inspiration.”

“Sarri’s presentation was fantastic!  Her willingness to participate in our Living Lessons program and ability to connect with our student population and community was outstanding.  We look forward to having her back to Franklin Lakes in the future.”

“Unfortunately, Sarri Singer knows firsthand what the total devastation and trauma of being a victim of terrorism is like. But Sarri has taken that tremendous pain, and she has turned it into  something constructive—into acts of  healing and  love for other terrorism victims. Sarri has created a wonderful organization, “Strength to Strength” to try to support other victims of terrorism,  no matter where they are from, across the globe. Sarri has spoken for EMET at hearings that we have arranged for in the House of Representatives, and she is  a wonderful, articulate, and passionate speaker.”

“Sarri Singer, a survivor of terrorism, has been a guest speaker at courses I teach on Terror Medicine at Rutgers New Jersey Medical School in Newark. Her experience, eloquently recounted, draws the absolute attention of medical students, faculty, and others in attendance. Her manner of dealing with the psychological effects of terrorism in particular is both instructive and inspirational.”

“In November 2016, Conservative Friends of Israel invited Sarri Singer to brief a number of Conservative parliamentarians in the UK Parliament, who heard about Sarri’s moving story. She successfully underlined to MPs how important it was that victims of terrorism have a voice, and that her organisation, Strength to Strength, aimed to provide that. Sarri stressed that there needs to be far more oversight on the financing of terror; from banks and governments around the world. She said that government officials should increase transparency in aid spending, and that NGOs must ensure aid reaches the most needy rather than being misappropriated by terror groups such as Hamas. She urged the need for both governments and NGOs to do more in these areas in order to “help people rather than perpetuating terrorism”. CFI was delighted to have Sarri represent such an important, and often not discussed enough issue which is so prevalent in our world today. We look forward to hosting her again in a future occasion.”

“Sarri has been a frequent guest lecturer in my course on the Psychology of Terrorism. Her riveting first hand description of surviving a suicide bombing, the immediate impact and the provision of psychological first aid is gut wrenching yet, inspirational at the same time. Sarri brings her post trauma recovery process to life and shares her outstanding work in promoting healing and resilience in trauma survivors around the globe. Our students have benefited greatly from her superb presentations as well as her personal example of faith, courage and perseverance in the face of the evil scourge of terrorism.”

“Sarri Singer is a gifted and unique speaker.  She has a wonderful combination of ease of delivery and sincere authenticity that make her both highly engaging and very easy to listen to.  Her warmth and charm beautifully couches the intensity and significance of her message.  I would enthusiastically recommend her for any audience.”

“Sarri Singer is a gifted and passionate speaker. I first heard Sarri speak about her experiences at a Jewish Federation Women’s Philanthropy event in Tucson. She spoke about her own ordeal and survival of a terrorist bus bombing in Israel. When Sarri told the audience that she was hospitalized at Hadassah Hospital, my ears perked up even more being a leader in my Hadassah Region. The next time I saw Sarri, she came to our Region Conference to speak. Sarri is an inspiration of bravery and tikkun olam – healing the world. Sarri took her personal experience and formed an organization, Strength to Strength, in order to help others who are survivors of terror.”

“Hearing Sarri Singer speak at NGU about her first-hand experience with terrorism and listening to her testimony of forgiveness, love, and activism was truly a privilege. She spoke about personally traumatic issues with an admirable level of professionalism and provided insightful information about the violence that occurred and is still occurring in Israel today. Most of all, Sarri encouraged and inspired audience members to arm themselves with knowledge and reminded us all that while we cannot control our circumstances, we can always control our attitudes, and that is what truly makes the difference.”

“In a time where agencies are redefining their role in Emergency Preparedness both internally within their organization and externally as it relates to the population they serve, it is rare that you have an opportunity to hear firsthand the account of a victim of terrorism.  Ms. Singer has been a welcomed figure on several occasions where she has addressed the Ocean County First Responder community and shared her story.  Comments from those in attendance have included everything from a simple thank you to what a bright articulate young lady.  Ms. Singers presentations within Ocean County has spurred conversations about preparedness that would have never taken place.  For this we are thankful.”

“How would it affect your life if someone tried to kill you? Sarri Singer can answer that question because a terrorist blew himself up on the bus she was riding. How her life progressed thereafter is a fascinating story of the triumph of will and faith over adversity and evil.”

“Sarri Singer’s testimonial at our Women’s Event was incredibly powerful; her words left an indelible impact on those who were lucky enough to hear her speak. What resonated so strongly with our group, was how her message demonstrates so powerfully how the Jewish people take care of one another, in the spirit of one big inclusive family. Sarri’s recounting of her own harrowing experience, tales of the amazing support that she received, the choices she makes to help others overcome their difficult experiences, makes her a true inspiration to others. Sarri’s positive outlook on life after a tragedy is a true gift; the impact of her story and words continue to resonate.”

“I feel so blessed to have met Sarri Singer. Sarri came to Camp Monroe on Tisha B’Av this summer to speak with our senior campers about her personal experiences, the creation of Strength to Strength, and the importance of striving for peace in this world. Capturing the attention of 150 teens for over an hour, Sarri’s story was powerful and created immense discussion beyond the morning program. They wanted to get to know Sarri on a personal level and felt deeply connected to the project Sarri introduced, Tal’s Camel and her and her family’s tragic journey as well. Sarri was able to expand the horizon of our campers in an appropriate, meaningful way that created an environment for them to think further and want to make change themselves. I am so thankful for having this opportunity at Camp Monroe and look forward to continuing my relationship with Sarri as time goes on.”

“Sarri is a wonderful speaker and moderator. With her own powerful story, and the heart and ear to help others share theirs, she truly brings a warm and compelling presence.”

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